Single on Valentine’s Day? Here’s What You Can Do!

For those of you who are single this Valentine’s Day, STOP WORRYING!! For there are plenty more around the world who spend the day without a valentine every year.

There’s just something about the 14th of February that makes people want to be with someone. Even the people who are indifferent about Valentine’s Day end up getting slightly sad as they see couples being all cute and goofy on the streets and on social media.

But contrary to popular belief, it is possible to plan something two weeks before Valentine’s Day. So, stop with all the sulking if you do not have a date scheduled with someone you like yet. Because we have got you covered!

Here’s a list of things that you possibly can do to salvage 14th February this year.

Things to Do on Valentine’s Day If You Are Single

Wondering what to do with your single self when Valentine’s Day is just around the corner? We have got your back!

Dating Apps

Believe us when we say that there are a lot more people on the same boat as you are right now. So why not use dating apps to go on a date with someone this Valentine’s Day?

What’s more, it doesn’t even have to be that serious! You will just be out on a date with someone you like. Moreover, if things do work out between you and the person you’re out on a date with, you can have a good laugh about it afterwards.

Not to mention, a lot of people usually opt for this option every year, that too, right before the 14th of February!

So what are you waiting for? Create a dating profile with your best photos and see if someone’s out there worthy of a single right swipe!

Platonic Friendships

Well, you know what they say, a friend will always have your back when no one else will.

You can definitely try to casually ask out a friend to go have dinner or lunch with you. For this is precisely why platonic relationships exist. Imagine, when the whole world will be worried about getting all the romantic stuff right with their partners, you will be out there having the best time with your friend. You can even call it a valentine’s special dinner or lunch. Take the flowers or chocolates too if you want to.

As long as you both have a good vibe going on, we can assure you that you will end up having a really good time.

Ask a Crush Out

Do you secretly like someone? If they are single this Valentine’s Day, why not try asking them out before time runs out?

This is a sure-fire option for those of you who are secretly in love with someone. We know that all you really needed was a push. So why not use Valentine’s Day as a means to ask them out anyway? Do think about it as you will probably not find this opportunity again this year.

Valentine’s Day Events

Lots of events are held every year during Valentine’s Day to help people meet someone. All you have to do is sign up for the event before the deadline.

You never know, you might just end up meeting someone you like while participating in the event.

Night In/Out with Friends

If you are not looking for anything romantic, you can always spend the night watching movies or catching up over pizza with your friends.

This will take you off the edge to impress someone and help you spend a relaxed night with your closest friends. You could also plan out outdoor activities with them to make the day more exciting than your usual hangouts.


Lastly, you can always turn to your family members because there is literally no lack of love between you, your parents and siblings. Take all of them out for dinner or make something for everyone at home to show off your culinary skills. We can blindly bet that you will have a great time.

What to do if I Want To Spend Valentine’s Day Alone?

Another great way to spend 14th February would be to spend the day alone, being in your comfort zone. It is possible that the options listed above might not have worked out, or you really do not like being around people. Just know that it is completely fine to feel this way and a lot more people feel the same way as you do.

So, here are some activities that you can do to spend Valentine’s Day alone and still have a good day in your own company (or pets if you have any).

Watch a Movie

There is never a wrong time to sit down and watch a movie on your own. You can even watch parodies of romantic movies and have a fun night in while munching on your favourite snacks. It is too cold to go out anyway.

Book a Fancy Restaurant for Yourself

Let’s face it. We all deserve to be treated with a feast every now and then. So if you like dining alone, book yourself a fancy restaurant and try out all your favourite dishes. Even if the romantic ambience starts to make you upset, we can assure you that the good food will surely not disappoint.

Cook a Meal

Cooking something good to spend the night alone while binging on your favourite TV show can never go wrong. Therefore, take out that recipe book and spatula to get started with your own five-star dish.

Pamper Yourself

Nothing feels as good or satisfying as pampering yourself. Get yourself that dress that you have been eyeing for a while now. Or make appointments for a special massage at the spa. That should get your nerves to calm down and relax.


To conclude, it isn’t entirely necessary for you to go through lengths to not spend the day alone. You can also enjoy some me-time curled up with your blanket and dog. However, if you really want to spend Valentine’s Day with people around you, you can try out the options listed above. We’re positive you will have fun mingling or solo.

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One thought on “Single on Valentine’s Day? Here’s What You Can Do!

  1. Great ideas thanks
    I will make my calls to my family
    And friends
    I remember many years ago
    A guy who wanted to marry me made me a beautiful meal. Then he gave me a beautiful pair of diamond earrings at the meal. It was lovely. We never did get married but we are still friends.
    He used to take me rock hunting because he taught geology at Dalhousie
    Being comfortable with one another is important . Also treating someone with kindness is important . In fact that is more important than material things. Have a good Valentine day. I hope you give your mom something.

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