Atypical Gift Ideas For Your Valentine!

Choosing the perfect gift for your loved one may be a confusing task. You know them so well, yet you don’t want to disappoint them with the wrong gift.

But when it comes to choosing the perfect gift, you need to contemplate what your partner loves, and values. If your girl is a sucker for make-up, go for it. If your man loves watches, surprise him with his favourite brand.

However, budget often stands in the way of such things. But what we can all agree on is the fact that sometimes it’s the thought that counts, not the price tag!

So here are some atypical, budget-friendly gift ideas for your loved one!

Valentine’s Day Gift For Him

  • New PS5 Video Games/Accessories

Men will be men. And chances are your man is a gamer too.

While a brand new PS5 might be an expensive little gadget to afford, the games aren’t.

So, get down to research. Is your boyfriend/husband a FIFA fan? If yes, you can get him the latest FIFA22. If they are fans of other games, you can get them the latest release from their favourite series.

For instance, if you have seen him play Assassin’s Creed, the newest release from the series is Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

To top it off, if your budget allows it, you can also get him a fancy controller such as the Sony DualSense Wireless controller. Not only will your man love you for it, so will his friends!

  • Get Him A Cologne

Men can testify to the statement that there is no such thing as too many perfumes.

Let’s face it, they don’t have a lot to accessorise with. But one thing men do not leave the house without is perfume or a good cologne.

So study his personality and determine what tones go with his persona. Don’t go picking up a random brand off the store, or one you think you like. Study his existing collection to find out what his taste is like.

  • A Work Bag

These days everyone carries a laptop. Why not give him a quality, multi-functional work bag that he can carry to work? That way, it’s a constant token of your love that he can keep with him even while he’s at his workplace!

And not every gift has to be revealed as a surprise. Take him to a store of his choice and pick out the bag together. That way, you know for sure that the bag is as per his preference, plus it makes for a nice little outing as well!

Some affordable brands that produce quality work/laptop bags are Pierre Cardin, Fossil, etc.

  • A DIY Origami Photo Album

What’s sweeter than going through pictures of your good times together?

These days nobody prints out photos anymore. So the attachment to the memories may also feel superficial at times.

So, let’s go old school on this one. Bust out your handy DIY tools and open up a YouTube tutorial. Make yourself an origami photo album, or one of those photo album explosion boxes. Print out some of your pictures of the two of you together and paste them on.

This is a gift that you both can hold close to your hearts. You’ve spent time and effort on this gift, which is so much better than picking out something from a store.

Plus, rifling through pages of a photo album churns up sentiments that prove that love is real, not intangible like the digital photos we put up online.

Just in case, you’re not a DIY person, you can easily order handcrafted photo albums such as this from Etsy! Ship it to your place and paste the photos yourself. This is a non-hassle alternative with the sentiment intact.

A win-win you may say!

  • Shoes

Shoes are an essential part of a man’s wardrobe. So if your man has to attend a lot of meetings or formal events, you can gift him a formal shoe.

But if he’s more of a sports lover or a general outdoorsy person, there are special shoes for that too. For instance, there are special shoes designed for football games, hiking, tennis, even golf shoes!

So, whichever it is your other half into, there’s a perfect shoe for every occasion. All you have to do is read up reviews and guides online to pick the perfect shoe/sneakers for him. No guessing game required, a thorough research into the brands is all you need!

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her

  • Get Her A Pet

Gifts don’t always have to be materialistic. It can be alive and full of joy!

Is your girlfriend a pet lover? Get them a pet! They will only bring joy to your lives, but also be a constant breathing reminder of your love for each other.

But here’s the thing with this gift and why it falls under the category of atypical: getting her a pet and signing off is not the idea here. It’s a symbol of a promise.

Women love committed men. When you hand her a pet, you don’t sign off from all the responsibilities. You join in and show her you are ready to step up and help her care for it together.

That way, you can both be invested in each other’s lives together. Think of it as the beginning of a new chapter of your lives!

Just in case they are not a pet lover, you can get them a beautiful plant keeping the sentiment intact.

  • A Trinket From Your First Date

This idea may have been generated from one good Ted Mosby and his Robin, but it’s a surefire way to get your girl to smile.

So get creative! If your first date was somewhere outdoor, pick up a shiny perfect little rock and get it carved into a ring. If it was at a restaurant, it may not always be possible to get a décor off their walls, but get her something similar to represent that day!

Women look for thoughtfulness most of the time, so start thinking of ways you can symbolise your first date into a gift she can look back to every day.

  • Not Your Regular Gift Basket

Chocolates, teddys and make-up products are so 2000s. Plus, let’s face it, you can never get their favourite shades right anyway, so why risk it?

It’s time to shake things up and pamper your girl!

How about you get your girl a relaxation gift basket. We mean bath bombs, essential oils, aromatics candles and a fine bottle of wine. If you can spare the money, go ahead and include a spa day for your loved one too.

Your valentine’s gift can show that your love for her makes way for her to love herself too.

  • Sexy Lingerie

Speaking of love, valentine’s day can just pass by without spicing things up for each other. After all, it’s a day for lovers.

That’s right, get your woman some sexy and comfy lingerie. Make a few purchases reflecting her style and make sure they are comfy. As mentioned above, a little effort into research can go a long way to get the perfect little gift for your other half.

  • A Coin Purse With A Twist

Every girl is lost without her coin purse. Their big handbags have so many things most of the time, which makes the coin purse an absolute essential for women.

Now comes the twist: Place a picture of the two of you in the picture section, something that will make her smile every time she opens her wallet. You can even place tiny handwritten notes in the folds that will surely warm her heart.

It’s the little things in life that make us fall harder for the other person, doesn’t it? And as I like to say, a functional gift is always better than the one that sits pretty on a shelf!

Wrapping Up

Budget can be big, or small. Sometimes it doesn’t even need to cost a penny. The whole point of a valentine’s day gift is to remind each other of your love. It’s a day solely dedicated to both of you, so make use of that sentiment and get your partner the best atypical gift this year. Remember, it’s always the thought that counts. And don’t forget to top the day off with a romantic dinner, be it a restaurant or a homecooked meal for the two of you!

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