7 Reasons Why Your Life Starts After 30!

As the days go by, you’re feeling the blues of approaching your 30s. And you’re clearly not the only one. Something about turning 30 gets people down every time. Perhaps it’s the thought that half your life has already passed by, the better half.

However, this thought couldn’t be further from the truth!

Here are 8 reasons why your 30s are going to be your golden years!

1.     Attaining a Moment of Epiphany

Navigating through your teens and your 20s is a tough ride. There is no point in sugarcoating it. First, you’re hit with the teenage phase and all its hormonal issues, and then comes your 20s when suddenly everyone expects you to have your life mapped out.

However, by the time you reach your 30s, you’ll have tried almost everything that you think you want in life and realized what you are good at. You wouldn’t be worrying about what your goals are and what you need to do.

And for the first time ever, maybe, you’re your own person.

So, take a moment to zoom out and draw some insight into the way your life is shaping up to be. We are not saying that you’ll be a millionaire and have your life all figured out. But you’ll definitely see that you’re in a comfortable zone.

Hence, take a breather, think back to all the time in your 20s when you thought your life was in shambles. Are you there still? Probably not. No problems ever come to stay permanently. This too shall pass and life will go on, fixing its problems along the way.

2.     Older and Wiser 

By the time you’ve reached your thirties, you’ll have worked the most terrible jobs and gone through some of the most traumatic experiences of your life.

Gone are the days of not knowing what to do when it comes to making decisions in your life and choosing your friends. You’ll now have to ability to sniff out toxic people from a mile away.

This will increase the quality of your life and allow you to reduce some of its negativity too.

3.     You Start Doing What’s Best for You

Putting yourself over others is often hard when you’re younger. That’s only because we equate prioritizing our own mental health needs with selfish behaviour.

By the time you’re 30, you’ll understand the distinction between the two more clearly. Say goodbye to self-doubts and welcome aboard healthy self-assurance.

You’ll also realize that people’s thoughts and actions have rarely anything to do with you. Therefore, you will feel a lot lighter and will be more able to cope with life’s progressions.  

4.     You’ll No Longer Put Up with Nonsense

Remember the ability to sniff out toxicity? The ability also doubles up as you’re cruising through your 30s, giving you the confidence to shut out the people who are bad for you.

It’ll help you say no to people if the situation is making you feel bad and draining you mentally. This is you becoming your own person. This is the new you in your 30s.

Feel powerful, it’s one of the most liberating feelings in the world.

5.     You Know Your Limits

One of the best aspects of turning 30 is, you know your limitations for everything. And why not? You’ve tried everything by now. You know when you’ve had too much drink and its consequences. You know what happens when you max out that credit card.

Gone are the days of experimenting. In your 30s, you’ll be reaping its rewards. This enables you to avoid stress by knowing how much you can afford to take on your plate without overwhelming yourself.

Isn’t it good to have that sense of liberation?

6.     Love Life Is Better!

By the time you hit your 30s, you’ll know what you want in terms of your partner. This would include things that work for you in the bedroom, your boundaries in a relationship, and your sexual preferences.

Furthermore, if you haven’t met your ‘The One,’ you are more likely to do so in your thirties.

What makes us so certain?

It’s simple. Practically everyone in their thirties thinks as you do, i.e. there’s no time for nonsense.

This might be an excellent time in your life to achieve your objectives and find the person who’ll be just the perfect partner to run the rest of the course by your side.

7.     The Fear of Missing Out Goes Away

You’ll also find that in our 20s, we think large, have big unrealistic dreams for the future, not knowing if they are truly good for us. If someone had the latest iPhone, it easily got you depressed as to why you don’t have one. Isn’t it nice knowing FOMO is not the way to lead life. Making sound economical decisions is!

You’ll realize that social media doesn’t highlight the struggles that your friends and people go through. Knowing the fact that you should be content with your own life and the (good) people in it is one of the best things about turning 30.

Are You Feeling Better About Your 30th Birthday Yet?

In your twenties, you’ll have dealt with practically all of life’s curveballs. The things you’ve gone through will have prepared you for the life you deserve.

One of the best things you’ll observe in your 30s is that you’re going to be completely fine when it comes to taking care of yourself. You’ll have the financial means and the traits to tackle all your problems in a way that can only benefit you without jeopardizing something along the way.

So, relax and always remember that turning 30 doesn’t mean that you can’t still party. It just means that you’ve become incredibly good at it!

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  1. That was all very good I liked what you said about the 30s. I am going to be 64 next month so I’m kind of past the thirties but it’s still good to hear such things

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