Signs That Your Partner Respects You

There are many things to look for when choosing a partner but one fundamental element that is essential for every relationship is respect. Respect is often linked with love and although they are part and parcel of the same inquiry, in essence, however, they have slightly different roles to play.

Respect for one forms the foundation of every relationship, be it platonic or romantic. Therefore, one basic question that you should always be asking yourself before settling for a partner is – ‘Am I getting the respect I deserve?’ It is only then that you will find out if the relationship is worthwhile or not.

Often it is hard to look out for the signs through the love goggles. If you want to be certain of their stance in the relationship, here is a checklist to evaluate whether your partner respects you or not.

What Signs of Respect Should You Look For?

Somebody Who Pays Attention

If a person is genuinely interested in you, he/she will make sure to give you the right amount of attention, as a sign of their respect towards you. Most people would not like to be with someone who has the tendency of peeking into their phones every five minutes instead of socializing with people who are seated right in front of them.

Study shows that people who are more present during conversations tend to enjoy spending more time together. Furthermore, if you are not distracted by phone calls or texts during an in-person date/outing, you will have more to add to the conversation since you were actually paying attention while they were talking.

Someone Who Actively Listens

Nothing is more frustrating than being around someone who doesn’t respect you enough to listen while you talk. So, if you are letting your partner have the chance to speak their heart out mid conversations, you are definitely a keeper who knows how to show respect.

Make sure to also stay away from people who make it a habit to talk about themselves only. A conversation should always work both ways.

Your Biggest Supporter

If your partner isn’t your biggest supporter in every little or big achievement you make, sorry to say but there is a high possibility that he/she doesn’t respect you enough or care about you at the slightest.

Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that you can show support by being there for your partner at their lowest and also by letting them have their own space when they ask for it.

Prioritizes You

The perfect partner never fails to prioritize their significant others, even when he/she is swamped with work due to hectic schedules. However, this doesn’t mean that you will walk out of an important meeting per se but rather prioritize their time and company as you see fit to your own schedule.

Has High Regards for Your Opinions

It is absolutely fine to hold different points of view regarding dissimilar subject matters because not every two people can agree on everything they know of. If your partner happens to disagree with your opinion but still respects it, you can be sure that he/she holds high regard for your opinions and hence, is the perfect match for you.

Understands the word “NO”

Never forget that you have a mind of your own and have the free will to say no to something you don’t want to do. You should never be pressurized into feeling bad for saying no to going out somewhere or not being down for a cozy night in. Remember, you do you.

No Controlling Behaviour

It is perhaps in your best interest if your friends are asking you to leave your partner, who is making it a habit of trying to control every aspect of your life. Always remember that you get to make the decisions in your own life. No third person has the right to meddle with your private affairs and disrespect you in the process.

No Nasty Arguments

Disagreements happen in every relationship. But that doesn’t give you the right to bring up nasty things from the past to get back at one another. It is okay to not see eye to eye in every issue.

In fact, it is far more interesting to hold different views as it provides the opportunity for sharing different opinions, hence, keeping conversations much more stimulating.

Encourages Risks

Believing that you have got your work life under control is probably one of the greatest signs of respect a partner can offer. This is because you want to see them succeed in their ventures and you are more than sure that you want to see them shine in their work front.

This means that if it ever need be, you will always be there to encourage them, even when their risky business moves are at play.

No Lies

There is zero space for lying in a good relationship. If you have caught your partner lying to you, it means that they don’t respect you enough to tell you the truth. Let’s not forget that respecting someone also means that you do not feel the need to hide things from them.

No Second-Guessing

Everyone loves a partner who is sure of themselves. Therefore, if your partner keeps on second-guessing you all the time, it is probably best that you leave them because that is not the kind of energy you would want in your life.

Asks for your Opinion

If your partner makes sure to ask for your opinion regarding every big or small issue that’s going on in their life, you can rest assured that he/she actually loves your input in things. This also means that he/she respects you enough to take your valued opinion into consideration.


All in all, it is always good to build a relationship based on mutual respect for each other. Not only does this eliminate any risk of toxicity but it also helps to form a stronger bond with the person in question. Even though respect alone isn’t enough for a relationship to work, it is still the starting point of every meaningful relationship.

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15 thoughts on “Signs That Your Partner Respects You

  1. Hi,
    Thanks, that is 300% the truth, but
    for me respect hat cost me 4 times divorcing and I go for number 5 looking for a respect full woman.


  2. I have enjoyed reading your page it has helped me a lot through a trying time I lost my husband almost 4 years ago and thanks to you I am almost back. Thank you

  3. En realidad una relación es muy compleja,pero hay que asumir los retos y buscar esa pareja que en realidad tenga sentimientos d e amor hacia ti,, y eso es la figura para mi mas relevante, ademas por supuesto del respeto y confianza con la seguridad que van de la mano.para asì, formalizar una posible relación amorosa estable,..

  4. This message is like God sent. I am currently in a marriage and making a serious decision as I need to find my true happiness. Life is more of a struggle in this current situation and I need to move forward to care for my health and well-being.

  5. I am in the same situation as Sandra’s Nov 6, 2021 post. I have been married for 40 years and it is difficult to realize it was not right from the beginning. How I put the things that were wrong on me – I didn’t understand him, I should just go along with what he wants, I should be unconditionally supportive to his every whim. It is very hard to move forward.

  6. I am so happy to have finally found a truly respectful relationship! There are no lies and we each almost seem to need one another’s input and opinions on everything! A very few subjects are taboo but one of them is how I deal with my special needs son. There is respect though differing opinions on the subject! He leaves me to it and I appreciate that!

  7. I am in the same problem and I don’t know what to do, the woman I am with always disagree everything I said, I want to leave Her Life

  8. I’m in a relationship that I thought would last forever today he blocked me from all conversations I don’t know what happened I’m heartbroken

  9. I feel you arevery brave I to are in a difficult place but I don’t have any money to move on.

  10. I’ve been w my husband for 34 years. At least 20 of those years have been spent fighting. Being accused of everything, none of which are ever happening or true. Slowly thru the exhaustion of constantly having to explain myself, I’ve given up on so much of my life inadvertently. Stress has taken it’s toll on my mind and body. Anxiety and depression bring my panic attacks which spur my colitis & esophageal spasms, my GERD/reflux, and migraines. Health and psychological problems make working impossible…so financially I am dependant on him, which i am constantly reminded of. I remember my close friendship and loving bond with him. Built from both our needs to be important and understood, along with having companionship and love & passion. I’ve allowed myself to become unimportant and disrespected in my efforts to supply his ego and self esteem with an over abundance of reassurance and validation. This article is painfully clear in stating every single sign to show me how severely disrespected I’ve been allowing myself to be treated. I feel insignificant. Like a stranger to myself.

  11. I recently divorced a man that did almost everything that was listed for disrespect. That was the best thing I ever did for myself. Today I. Am in a new relationship with a man that shows me such respect. I can not believe the difference in how I feel with this person. He truly makes me happy!

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