How To Utilize Time More Efficiently.

Do you wake up every day planning to get through a bunch of work, only to log in on social media and losing track of time? Before you know it, a few hours have gone by while you were busy scrolling. Sounds way too familiar? If you’re failing to get things done and can’t even figure out how your time is being wasted, it’s time to reevaluate your choices.

But don’t worry if you answered yes to all these questions because you aren’t the only one. There are plenty of people on the same boat as you who fail to manage time properly. Hence, we bring this article to you where we talk about how to utilize time more efficiently.

Make a To-Do List

This might sound silly, but there’s no denying how effective this simple strategy is. We wake up every day with an idea of what to do. But it is high time to put that idea into paper to help us push through.

Recalling a list from memory isn’t the wisest of decisions. However, only if we jot down the important tasks we have to complete, even the minor ones such as trimming our nails, we can become more productive.

Not only will we have a finite list of the tasks to accomplish, but we will also get have the opportunity to arrange the tasks in an order of priority. We can assume how long a certain work will take and then schedule it accordingly.

Also, scratching off an activity after completing it gives us a sense of achievement which also acts as a motivation to push forward. Only when we see our successes on paper instead of just a fragment of our mind’s imagination, we can get the satisfaction of getting work done and beginning another.

While making a list, it is important to make sure you don’t dump too much work on yourself and have a mixture of everything. Heard of the saying “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”? Similarly, make sure your routine isn’t comprised of the same sort of activity over and over again.

Here’s a small suggestion- list down the tasks for the day, and also make room for entertainment. Perhaps, also make time for learning a new skill. Register for an online course and shift your work accordingly.

You may either make a day-to-day list or have one that spans over a week.

Cut Down On Social Media

Unless you are using your social media for a business or any other beneficial reason, time to say goodbye to the social platforms. Let’s face it, social media is greatly toxic and no matter how much you try not to, you eventually succumb to its attractions.

There is no point in keeping tabs on other people’s lives unless it is promoting yours. Your Snapchat streaks won’t do you any good, and no one really cares about your Instagram handle no matter how “fire” your photos are.

If you can’t deactivate them, at least log out of them from your mobile phone, or at least turn the notifications off. Social media sites are platforms of entertainment, hence, treat them as such. No point in lingering through your feed for hours. Remember the previous hack where we mentioned keeping time for entertainment? Keep 30 mins for browsing through your social profiles at the end of the day. Or look at the next hack for an alternative solution if you are too addicted to your handles.

Reward Yourself for Reaching Milestones

There are simple tricks to fool your mind into doing what you want to achieve. The reward trick is one such useful trick. Instead of cramping workloads altogether and making it seem uninspiring at the get-go, why not break down your tasks into small milestones.

For instance, if you have to write a 3000-word paper, take breaks after you write every 1000 words. During this break, reward yourself for reaching the milestone. How do you do that? You might either keep a bar of chocolate in the fridge to have once you reach the milestone, or, with some form of entertainment. Maybe log in to your social account for 5 mins.

Doesn’t matter how you choose to recompense yourself for the success, but do so in a way that doesn’t derail you off the track. Make sure you have the objective in mind and get the work finished, instead of procrastinating.

Breaking your goals down into smaller and more achievable targets also makes your brain feel as if you’ve accomplished a lot, and makes the whole project seems easily achievable. Just take one cup at a time and get the job done.

Pump Yourself Up

This list wouldn’t be perfect if we didn’t think about those who fail to even get out of bed! As Einstein said, an object at rest will remain at rest until and unless an external force acts on it. You will be demotivated to work, and unwilling to pull yourself up from bed at times if that force is lacking in your life. Trust us, it happens to the best of us. But that doesn’t mean we will give in when we have a lot on our plate.

The easiest way to boost your mood is to pump up your blood and get the adrenaline coursing through your body. You might feel weak and lethargic initially, but get up and start running. Running is the easiest way to build stamina and endurance!

If you have a treadmill, great! If not, put on your running shoes and just run for 10 mins. And that is all the time it takes to get your body up and energized again. Just like how you’d oil a machine when it’s not functioning properly, your need to get your body pumping properly when it’s down.

Running works your muscles and secretes adrenaline. In addition, your body also stimulates a feel-good hormone that activates your mind. If you can exercise early morning, and manage some time for a quick cold shower, you’d definitely actually feel like taking on more challenges, if not conquering the world!

Final Words

You can always wonder how your time flies by, but unless you actually do something about it, you can never truly catch time. Follow the tips discussed here and see how you manage to utilize time more efficiently.

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