Simple Hair Care Routine For Maximum Results.

How often do you have a bad hair day? Trust us, it’s not something you only see on television. People complain about having bad hair days because they are real!

We all ogle at the bouncy hair of the models in shampoo commercials and envy the volume of hair they have. But is good hair too much to ask for? Can the dream of flaunting your hair ever be a reality? Well, yes it can!

According to experts, you too can have flawless bouncy and voluminous hair simply by taking proper care of your mane. Hence, in this article, we have curated a list of how to cater after your hair to ensure proper growth and nourishment, and to make you look fabulous!

Wash Hair Regularly

This shouldn’t even have to be said, but then again, it’s best to advise on all grounds. A lot of dirt gets stuck to our hair because of being outdoors often, and not to mention the excess oil which is secreted from our scalp. This oil in turn traps dirt and dust to make out hair sticky and dirty. Therefore, we have to wash our hair on a timely basis.

However, care must be taken on how we wash our hair. Dry hair shouldn’t be washed more than twice a week, whereas people with oily scalp should wash on alternate days.

Chemical-Free Shampoos

Just because you can’t control external factors that get stuck to your hair, you can regulate what you put on them. That being said, you should be careful of the shampoo you use. Always opt for shampoos that are not overdosed with chemicals. Choose gentle shampoos which do not have a mixture of a plethora of chemicals but only a few necessary ones for your hair.

How do you know which chemicals are necessary? Sulfates and parabens are required for lathering and preserving. However, overuse of these chemicals can result in an adverse effect too, such as skin irritation and hormonal disruptions.

Use Conditioners Properly

We use conditioners to straighten our hair and to add further nourishment. It acts as a shield against environmental factors as well. Unfortunately, many of us fail to apply conditioners properly. Conditioners are meant to be applied on the hair tips, and not on the scalp. Also, they should be rinsed off thoroughly afterward.

Dry Hair Naturally

Blow drying might make you seem like the next model for a shampoo ad but this excessive heat can ruin the scalp horribly. But yes, this doesn’t mean you have to throw your blow dryers in the trash. Use them for exclusive events if you wish to style your hair.

After showers or washing your hair, dry them naturally. Let the air do the work while you get on with other tasks. Don’t go to bed with wet hair, nor comb them, as this can lead to hair fall and breakage. Also, while using a towel to dry your hair, please be gentle. Being too harsh on your hair can also hamper the cuticles.

Oil And Massage

Oiling and massages promote blood circulation on the scalp. Oil your hair before using shampoo to enhance the shine. Oiling also restores moisture for your scalp and instigates proper development and nourishment. Warm oil also helps to repair split ends. Instead of using mineral oil, use oil from other natural sources. How often should you use this treatment? Once in two weeks should be fine.

Use A Wide-toothed Comb

Never comb wet hair. Always dry your hair before you brush them, or else they are prone to breakage. Also, use a wide-toothed comb for brushing as this sort prevents damages.

Style Hair Naturally

It’s normal to wish for gorgeous curls or wavy hair. Since excessive heat styling can damage your hair, how else can you achieve this? Simple invest in some heat protectant serum. These will allow you to use electronic appliances to style your hair without much harm.

Trim The Split Ends

Split ends form often given the external aggressors we have in the environment, in addition to our lifestyle choices such as smoking and heat styling. Therefore, it is necessary to trim hair every two months. Trimming ensures the removal of split ends and thus keeps hair healthy.

Stay Hydrated

Did you know that your body’s hydration level is also crucial in maintaining proper hair? Using external products and treatment isn’t sufficient. You need to drink around 3 liters of water every day to regulate internal hydration and maintain healthy hair.

Eat Healthily

As we all know, our hair is made up of protein keratin. Therefore, our diet must consist of the right amount of amino acids to nourish our hair. Some foods for proper hair care are eggs, fish, and green leafy vegetables. Make sure you have enough protein in your diet to sustain healthy hair growth.

Wear Hats

Too much sun can make our hair dry and brittle over prolonged periods. It is necessary to protect our hair from the scorching heat by wearing hats. Chlorinated water in swimming pools is also harmful and therefore, it is wise to wear caps when swimming.

Use Hair Bands

While flaunting hair may seem pretty or attractive, pollutants from the air may damage our hair in overexposure. Hence, use hair bands to minimize the accumulation of foreign particles in hair. Fabric hair ties are much better than plastic ones. Also, be mindful of not pulling too tightly on hair while tying. 

Use An Old T-shirt To Dry

Traditional towels may seem too rough in texture and therefore, are hazardous to hair cuticles. Did you know you can use your old t-shirts to dry your hair? Old t-shits tend to be softer and can be turned into a DIY towel for wet hair.

Final Words

To recapitulate, to have healthy hair you must eat right and be careful of the products you use on your hair. Make sure the products are chemical-free and convenient for your hair type. Avoid heat styling to prevent your hair from damage. Maintain the wet hair rules and trim the split ends routinely. Follow the guidelines and say goodbye to bad hair days forever!

And if you feel like going the extra mile, don’t forget to consult a doctor once in a while. Advice from medical professionals is the safest way to move forth if you have any complex issues.

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