Decorate Your House on a Shoestring Budget

Many of you come up with a decoration plan and do so with a lot of excitement. However, when you check online or go to the store to look at the prices for your redecoration project, you are left wondering how on earth did it get so expensive.

When you are on a single income source, it can be pretty difficult to find the time or the extra cash to redecorate your dome of solitude. But people often forget that decorating your house within a budget requires you to be somewhat creative.

If this is you and you are looking for ways to decorate your house, this article is tailor-made for you. It will help you decorate your house (or apartment) without breaking the bank.

What are we waiting for? Here are 7 ways to decorate your house on a budget.

Clean It Up

Cleaning aids in the decluttering process. It is very easy to accumulate a large number of items over time, resulting in a cluttered environment. This is why it is critical to declutter and thoroughly clean your rooms.

As you declutter, you will find many things that you’ll probably never use again. Throw them away and make space for some light and air. Sometimes, some extra walking space is all you need to lighten up the mood!

But having said that, don’t toss everything away without a second thought. Take a good look at your things to see which ones can be reused to decorate your home and give it a new touch.

For instance, the dirty old dreamcatcher hanging by your curtain could be the centrepiece on a wall. Give it a good wash and pair it up with some fairy lights and flower vases. There you go, you have yourself a statement wall.

Light It Up

Lights can give dramatically change the mood of your home and enhance its ambience. If you are accustomed to white light in the rooms, try switching to warm tones. It will give your room a fresh look as if you’ve just gotten a new paint job.

For instance, wrap fairy lights on the rails of your curtains and behind the headboard of your bed. It’s a pretty cheap solution requiring some lights and wiring only.

Redecoration doesn’t have to be limited to your bedrooms only. Spice things up in your living areas as well common spaces by introducing diffused lighting and watch the magic unfold.

Adding or changing lights in your home is one of the best ways to decorate your house on a budget.

Bring On the Paint

Another cost-effective method to consider when you are decorating your house is to paint the walls fresh. Painting the walls may be considered expensive, however, the majority of the cost lies in hiring a painter.

Make a fun day out of it! You can either paint the walls by yourself or invite friends and family over to help you with the job. Have some munchies ready and you should have volunteers in no time! Let’s face it, a couple of packets of crisps and soda is much cheaper than hiring a painter for 3 days.

Also, if you have kids, it is a good idea to drop them off at your friends’ or your parents’ for a while.

Wall Of Fame

Take advantage of plates and photo frames that you do not currently have any use for. You could also use the china plates that are catching dust on your shelves. 

These can really raise your decoration game by giving people a nice outlook of the china dishes that you have piled up from your wedding or family gatherings. In addition to this, you can also add portraits on the wall by the door.


Move Things Around

Rearranging your current furniture will definitely help you decorate your house. The only thing it requires is your valuable time.

Before you start rearranging your furniture, it is important to have a plan and a visual outlook of the room. This is because rearranging can take up a considerable amount of energy.

You wouldn’t like it if you moved the entire sofa and realized that it doesn’t fit in the corner, would you?

Moving things around can also help you release stress. Studies have shown that rearranging your personal space can bring a sense of relief and comfort. The end product will bring you joy and a feeling of accomplishment that can do wonders for your mental health.

Take this time to sell off some old furniture online and use that money to add a gorgeous statement piece such a centre table that can boost the look of the entire room.

Add Some Greenery!

You’d be shocked to see what a little bit of greenery can do to your house. Add some plants around the house and if you can, find a way to focus any type of light on them.

This could be done in several ways. For instance, you could wrap some fairy light around the branches or simply buy a spotlight and adjust it so that it shines directly on the plants.


Paint An Art Piece

No matter what type of artwork it is, try to build one yourself without spending too much money. It can be anything from a piece of cloth to a pottery vase. Put your imagination to use and start working on it.

Not only does it add a decorative flair to your living space but it also incorporates a feeling of achievement. Creating an artwork encourages you to have an open mind which in turn allows you to create an environment that promotes creative thinking.

And the best part is that you will have a story to tell your friends and family when they visit. It is one of the best ways to decorate your house with a shoe-string budget.

Ready To Decorate Your House Yet?

When it comes to decorating your house, you don’t necessarily need to spend a fortune. All you need is an open mind. List down everything that needs to be fixed or added to your domicile and pull some DIYs.

So, play with lights, colours and add some greenery, and you have yourself a freshly decorated cosy home you can come back to all the time.

Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

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