6 Secrets to Make Your Cat Happy

Have a cat at home that is always gloomy and giving you death stares? Well, you are not the only one.

According to studies, it’s common for cat owners to place a lot of expectations on their cats. This gives rise to conditions like dermatitis and cystitis which are stress-induced. Cats tend to become sad or depressed like humans.

Other than that, there could be multiple other reasons why your cat is acting gloomy. There are chances that this depression is caused by an illness or an injury. However, the environment itself can also be a contributing factor to depression in your cat.

Well, if you are facing a similar situation, it’s time to take action. Here are 6 strategies that you can implement to make your cat happy and remove the possibility of depression from their minds.

1.     Feed Them Right

Cats and humans have one similarity when it comes to being happy, the quality of food. It is a known fact among cat owners that the ingredients in cat food have a direct relation to their moods.

Moreover, feeding a cat a poorly balanced diet can lead to different health problems. And be it humans or animals, if you’re constantly battling health issues, you’re bound to fall into depression. This is why you should make sure that your cat’s diet is perfectly balanced with proper portions of essential food groups.

Additionally, you must ensure that you are feeding them regularly. A consistent feeding schedule goes a long way toward making your cat happy.

You could also consider providing them free delicacies while you are not around so that they can always have a snack whenever they want.

2.     Create Ledges

Cats are species that love their freedom to roam. They love climbing trees and any vertical platform they can find. This gives them the feeling of authority and it works towards a process that makes your cat happy.

Moreover, cats like to sleep and relax in a spot that provides them with an excellent viewpoint, according to animal behaviour specialists. It stems from their natural need to defend themselves. This is why it is critical to take steps to ensure that they feel safe.

If you have an indoor cat, you can create vertical ledges or make bookshelves that have compartments for your cat to climb onto. It offers them a sense of security and control over the surroundings they are in.

Wouldn’t you be happy with a place where you felt at ease? That same principle applies to your cat as well.

3.     Give Them A View

If you truly want to make your cat happy, keep them in a room that has windows.

Cats like watching nature and seeing various events in the outer world. It makes them feel like they’re part of the outside world even if they’re indoors.

If you are unable to provide your cat with a windowed room, you may provide them with nature videos on your television. This will also assist in exciting their visual senses and make your cat happy.

4.     Schedule Play Times

It is essential to introduce a playtime period for your cat. Cats are, in fact, descendants of tigers. Therefore, it is in their primal instinct to run and hunt for their prey.

They are natural athletes and it’s easy for an indoor cat to get depressed if they do not work out this excess energy. This is why playtime is necessary to make your cat happy.

You may buy cat toys online to make playtime more immersive. There are many cat toys that resemble rodents, fish, and some even have flashing lights. If you have a busy schedule, you may get toys that move so you don’t have to lead the playtimes yourself all the time.

Schedule a time for your cat to play and take advantage of the toys that are available on the internet. This helps to make your cat happy and active while they are safely indoors.

5.     Keep Their Place Clean

Cats are very picky when it comes to choosing a place. If a place is too dusty or dirty, they tend to move away from them to find a cleaner environment.

Moreover, cats love it when the room is clear of obstacles. This gives them the advantage to run freely without the thought of having an injury. This is why you should keep your room as clean and clutter-free as you possibly can.

However, you should also note that a room that is too bare may not have enough visual stimulation, which can also be boring for a cat. This could lead to a lazy cat who has nothing to keep him/her busy. So, be sure to keep the room clean but do make space for your cat’s favourite toys.

6.     Let Them Scratch

This is a no-brainer. Cats love scratching up your couches and other furniture around the house.

But ever wondered why do they do that?

The process of scratching releases a feel-good hormone in cats that makes them happy. This is also another way of saying that your cat is taking a chill pill.

However, all this scratching usually takes a toll on your furniture and yourself at times! This is why it is a good idea to provide your cats with a dedicated scratching post.

Scratch posts are a great way for your cats to release their stress and be happy. At the same time, you would be saving your precious furniture and your moisturized skin!

A win-win situation, at last.


Cats are creatures who love attention. At the end of the day, they could have all the things in the world and still be sad and depressed. Do you know why? Simply because they are not receiving enough affection from you.

So make time from your busy life and give them some lovin’! Ensure their needs are met properly. To you, they are a part of your world. But remember, to them, you are their whole world.

Photo by Kate Stone Matheson on Unsplash

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