10 Fun Yet Romantic Winter Date Ideas

Winter is the most romantic time of the year. Or at least that’s what we are made to believe through most Hallmark Christmas movies.

Despite the cold, winter is a season full of festivities, warmth and love. And as the great Russian playwright, Anton Chekhov once said, “People don’t notice whether it’s winter or summer when they’re happy.” So, why should you?

Therefore, if you are not single this winter, here are 10 winter date ideas that you can indulge in with your beau to make the most of the ‘most’ wonderful time of the year-

10 Winter Date-Night Ideas

Don’t cancel your last minute plans due to the cold weather. Suit up in your winter gear and have a great time with these fun winter date ideas mentioned below:

Ice Skating

This one is a classic. That too one that’s straight out of every Christmas rom-com. I think we have all seen this part of the movie where two lovebirds usually bump into each other and start laughing (for no apparent reason).

Although we can’t precisely decipher if these scenes actually play out the way they show it in the movies, what we can say is that it is definitely worth a try. Ice skating itself seems like a fun outdoor activity. And given that it’s winter, you will only have the opportunity of trying out this outdoor activity once every year.

So, what are you waiting for? Convince your partner to go out on a date for ice skating to see if it is as thrilling as they make it look like in the movies.

Also, do not worry about falling off because that’s just part of the fun. Plus, you will be wearing safety gear in case you fall on the ice!

Winter Amusement Parks

Another thing to try out during winter is the amusement parks in your city. Specifically, the ones which have a winter theme going on. If you are lucky, you two might even get to enjoy the ice sculpting workshops.

Apart from the usual rides, you may also have fun in karaoke bars, comedy clubs and a lot more to do with your loved one.


Perhaps one more outdoor activity that we have all been intrigued by from winter themed movies. If you have a partner who is as adventurous as you are, take him or her to the nearest hill or slope covered in ice. Do not forget to buy a sled and you’re got to go for the rest of it!

Christmas Market

Shopping dates are the best dates. Period. That too when you are out exploring the Christmas markets with your partner. Everything is bright, shiny and colourful. The shops have the best gifts you could pick out for your loved ones for Christmas.

You never know, you two might even end up doing your entire Christmas shopping together at one go.

What’s more, Christmas markets also have good food stalls, besides the usual twinkling lights, drinks, Christmas trees and carol singers. So, what’s not to like?

Indoor Rock Climbing

If none of you are fans of outdoor activities during winter, you can try out indoor rock climbing instead. It could be good practice for the next time you want to try rock climbing for real. But till that happens, an indoor rock climbing practice will do just fine to give you the adrenaline rush you need.

This could easily be a fun and exciting indoor activity for a winter date.

Wine tasting

We all love a good glass of wine during the holidays, don’t we? if your partner feels the same way, why not head to the nearest wine tasting event and try out the best wine that your city has to offer?

If wine isn’t your drink, you can also try gin, beer or anything that gets you two to have a fun night out during winter.

Christmas Lights Display

Christmas lights are the main attraction of winter every year. Every city has its own way of decorating public places with sparkly Christmas lights. Some even hire professionals to decorate massive statues or trees to make the décor more different and unique every year.

So, if the two of you haven’t had the chance to explore the city under the Christmas lights display yet, now wouldn’t be such a bad time to try it out!

Build a Snowman

You’re never too old for building a snowman. Bring out the inner child in you by making your own Olaf in the middle of white flaky snow with your partner. You never know, you might just end up having a lot more fun than you can think of. Not to mention, it might even turn out to be a snow fight leading to moments that you both will cherish forever.

Rugby or Football Match

This could be a fun day spent if both of you enjoy a good game of football or rugby. If you have any upcoming matches that you do not want to miss out on, grab an extra ticket for your loved one. Even if he or she is not a fan, they might actually end up enjoying given the hype and excitement at a stadium full of rugby or football fans.

Dinner or Breakfast Dates

Yes, you might be going out on dates throughout the year. But winter has a different feel to it due to the festivities and the holidays. Despite spending time with family, take the time out to go out on a date with your partner on one perfect winter morning or a romantic dinner date at night.


Do not let the winter season go to waste by succumbing to the cold freezing nights. Bring out your spontaneous festive spirit and try out all of the winter date ideas listed above. You never know, this might bring back the spark that was once lost or let you two bond following a year of tight schedules.

Photo by Thomas Lipke on Unsplash

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  1. Thank you for this inspirational post. This message is thorough and ever so true. Life is very challenging, more so as I am going through a divorce after 43 years of marriage. There is so much grief going through this process. Friends and family became opinionated, and at times you feel victimised. I became strong and now moving forward. At preset I am in a good place feeling physically and mentally healthy. I am a very spiritual person and sort Divine help to manage this situation. As for a romantic winter getaway, no plans in place. Will keep looking.

  2. Sandra I too have just experienced divorce after 41 years of marriage. I’m almost two years out of my marriage and I am seeing the positive in my new life. It is quite a process to untangle yourself from being with someone that many years but once you do it can be better. I am now experiencing happiness I didn’t know I was missing. Praying you find yours too.

  3. You really make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this topic to be really something that I think I would never understand. It seems too complicated and very broad for me. I am looking forward for your next post, I will try to get the hang of it!

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