Christmas Gift Ideas for Family Members

Christmas is all about festivities. And nothing screams more festive than piling up presents under the Christmas tree for family and friends every winter, the jolliest time of the year.

Every year, we end up putting a lot of thought into buying the perfect Christmas present for our loved ones. However, the entire process of trying to find the right present is both time-consuming and stressful. More so if you are generally indecisive about most things.

This is why, most of us end up spending the first few days of December procrastinating, trying to think of that one thing that a certain someone would like for Christmas. And before you know it, it’s Christmas Eve and you have got nothing to gift to them.

Believe it or not, a good number of people fall victim to this phenomenon. Therefore, we have listed down some of the best Christmas gift ideas for family members in order to make your Christmas shopping a lot easier.

16 Christmas Gifts Your Family Is Bound To Love!

1.      Scented Candles

Scented candles can make the best gifts for literally anyone. With so many different aromas to choose from, your options are never restricted.

Imagine that you are having a hard day at work. But with a scented candle lying around, you can easily light it up and have your office space smelling like citrus fruits or flowers in no time. Not only will it help you to sit back and relax, but it will also give you a breath of fresh air.

In case you are not aware of someone’s preferences in terms of fragrances or flavours, you can always make a random pick that you think would be preferred by everyone. Such scents may include strawberry, blueberry, vanilla or a mix of all three. Hence, making it the perfect Christmas gift for anyone in the family.

2.      Speakers

Who doesn’t like listening to music? I am sure we all do! So why not buy a speaker for one of your loved ones this Christmas? This can easily turn out to be a very thoughtful gift for someone in the family who loves listening to music.

3.      Board Games

Board games are one easy way of not being ‘bored’ at home. What’s more, they can be a convenient gift for anyone. Because, let’s be honest. Who doesn’t like board games? That too during the holidays when it is generally snowing outside?

Some ideas for board games include monopoly, scrabble etc. Nowadays you can even find special board games like the Game of Thrones board game which has its own set of rules for the seven kingdoms!

4.      Cute Oversized Sweaters

No matter how fashionable you want to look at Christmas, nothing can ever make you look as good as putting on a cute oversized sweater.

So, head to your favourite sweater store and get your favourite person of the family a nicely woven sweater for Christmas. Even if they don’t end up liking it, they can still use it since it does get pretty chilly during the holiday season.

5.      Customized Mugs

Customized mugs are the go-to gift items. Be it for someone’s birthday or for any other special occasion like Christmas. You can personalize your very own set of mugs for every member of your family. Think of it as a special set of mugs which you only use during the holidays. Cute, isn’t it?

Furthermore, you can also get your faces printed on them as a joke. If not, you can customize it with your own ideas.

6.      Scarf

Another item that can come in pretty handy during Christmas time is a scarf. This holiday-appropriate gift item can be found in almost every clothing store. Especially during wintertime.

So if you know someone who could use a new scarf, go ahead and get them one wrapped nicely for Christmas.

7.      Arts & Crafts

Does anyone in your family paint or draw? Are they into crafts? If yes, then you can try getting them something related to arts and crafts. This could include a box of fresh paint, paintbrushes, glitters, essential paint box tools, etc.

8.      Frames

You can never have too many photo frames! More so, if you love taking pictures. Additionally, you do not even have to think too much before purchasing a frame. You can go with whichever one you like the best and wrap it up nicely before gifting it to the person.

9.      Socks

This cosy piece of garment is the perfect gift for Christmas. Since the weather is pretty cold during this time, one can always benefit from an extra pair of socks.

One thing you can do is make the socks a bit more special by purchasing the festive ones that have a Christmas theme going on. For instance, a red and white pair with snowflakes or Christmas trees printed on them.

10.  Family Name Plate

Has the metal nameplate on your house gotten a little rusty? Perhaps it is time to get a new one right before Christmas as a present for your family. It can also be gifted to someone who has recently bought a new house as a housewarming gift.

You may even get a little creative with the design to make it stand out from the rest of the nameplates on the street!

11.  Matching PJs

Christmas is all about bonding with family. And what better way to do that than by getting customized PJs for the entire family?

In case you do not have the time to think of individual presents for every member, this could be a good idea to help you save time. You can also take a group photo wearing the matching PJs and save it as a memory for the years to come!

12.  Questionnaire for Gatherings

Sometimes we run out of things to talk about during family get-togethers. It could be because of a recent fight that no one wants to bring up or the fact that you are meeting for the holidays after a really long time. No matter what the reason is, a fun set of questionnaire can be a great way to bond again despite the differences.

Not to mention, everyone will really appreciate the questionnaire as a gift whenever you run out of things to say or do while hanging out. Thus, you can definitely get one for the family to make your Christmas dinner more fun and exciting.

13.  Gigantic Blanket

Let’s face it. We all low-key want to own ginormous beds for the entire family to fit in and watch a movie. Now, although, we totally support this idea, it is still unrealistic due to the logistics of it. Come to think of it, not everyone has the space to fit in a bed that large.

Hence, what you can do instead is customize a gigantic blanket for the entire family to share while watching a movie. You can either purchase it from a store or make it yourself if you have the required skill set.

You can also include personalized pictures or texts and have fun reading them together when you meet for Christmas.

14.  Lights

Lights can be pretty useful gifts if you think about it. They make the room look prettier and brighter, especially during occasions where you all are celebrating during the holidays.

Light strips for example can set the mood for any occasion. If not, you can also purchase a reading lamp for that certain someone in the family who loves reading books at night.

15.  Gift Baskets

If you are having difficulty thinking of one single gift item, perhaps what you can do is buy or make a gift basket on your own. Buying one from a superstore or any other shop will surely save you a lot of time. However, it will be more thoughtful and personal if you make one yourself.

You can include items like a scented candle, your favourite coffee, skincare or beauty products, perfumes, favourite snacks etc. to fill in the basket. Do not forget to wrap it nicely to make it look pretty.

16.  Books

You can never go wrong with books as a present. Take this opportunity to gift your loved ones your most favourite book of all time. Let them indulge in the same excitement you felt while reading. There is nothing better than the feeling one gets after reading a good book.

Ready To Go Shopping For Christmas Yet?

Hopefully, the Christmas gift ideas listed above will help you to purchase the best gifts for your family members this year. Especially if you are running on a time limit.

Another pointer that always works while giving somebody a gift is leaving a personal note with it. It makes the gift even more special, especially if you note down why the item you have gifted made you think of them.

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