How To Reconnect With Your Partner?

When you have been with someone long enough, you tend to lose the connection you had with them initially. While most people reason it as ‘Time has taken its course,’ in reality however, the disconnection is caused by several contributing factors which can always be mended.

More often than not, when couples are asked ‘Why’ they feel disconnected from each other, their usual response is that they no longer share any common interests. Sadly, a lot of them develop very distinct personalities over the years.

But, why is this a deal-breaker for wanting to reconnect with your partner? In my humble opinion, having different personalities and interests gives room for new conversations.

How To Reconnect With Your Partner?

Imagine having the same conversations with your partner, to which you know every answer to. Tedious right? So, why not try to look at this difference in personalities and interests as an opportunity to reconnect with your partner?

Here’s a 101 Guide on how you can reconnect with your partner and revive the bond you once shared in case you both are going through a rough patch.

Go on Dates

When’s the last time you both went on an impromptu breakfast date? Spontaneous dates are the best way of reconnecting with your partner. It gives you the opportunity to spend quality time with each other while doing something completely adventurous and exciting like trying out new food.

What’s more, you don’t even have to plan for these dates. Just drive up to any new breakfast place in town before heading out for work. Chances are, both of you will get to learn so many new things about each other while communicating during these date nights that you might feel the re-connection instantly.

Also, what better way to find out about each other’s interests than by bonding over food?

Surprise Them!

If time doesn’t permit going out for breakfast, how about greeting your partner with a bouquet of donuts instead? I mean, who would say no to donuts? That too a bouquet full of them?

Or, you could also go for the traditional flowers and subscribe to a month-long delivery service where they’ll get one flower/bouquet every day!

The element of being able to surprise your partner, either with flowers, dates, cards or gifts can help to keep things more exciting. It will make your partner appreciate that you took the time to plan such a nice gesture for them.  

Plan a Getaway Trip

Perhaps one of the best ways of reconnecting with each other is to go somewhere on a getaway trip. Travelling together always makes people come closer so why not give it a try by finding some time off your busy schedules and making this work?

Furthermore, if you both are feeling a bit adventurous, you can always try out different

Join a Fun Class

There is no better way to form an intellectual connection with your partner than to join a class together. What’s that one language you guys have always wanted to learn? This might be the perfect opportunity to enrol yourselves into that French class you always wanted to take.

Although this doesn’t necessarily mean that you HAVE to learn a language. You can also join a business class, take painting lessons, or even take a cooking class together!

Set Goals Together

It is very easy to grow apart when you don’t share each other’s goals regarding different aspects of your life for the years to come.

Yes, you both might have different plans, so why not talk about it and ask for each other’s input while you’re at it?

Moreover, since you both are keen on making this work, you can also set aside combined or separate goals for each other and help motivate yourselves to achieve them. Be it money goals, ambitions for a new job, a PHD, you can always share and help each other to keep your spirits up while accomplishing it.

This way, you will not feel disconnected and will be in the loop with whatever is going on in your partner’s life.

Cheer/Motivate Them

There’s no better way to show your support to your partner than to be their biggest cheerleader. No matter how small or big the achievements are, you should always celebrate these accomplishments. It is one of the best ways of showing that you’re proud and happy for them.

Tick Things Off from the Bucket List

Has the bucket list been sitting in your drawer for the last couple of years? How about you guys make a plan to tick one thing off from it?

Fun and exciting activities like deep-sea diving, bungee jumping, sky diving etc. are only a couple of things that might help you jumpstart the weekend with your partner with a bang.

Not to mention, going on these little adventures together will strengthen the bond and recover the connection that was once lost.

Play Games

Be it indoor or outdoor sports, you can both indulge in a fun-filled physical activity together on the weekends. It’s even more fun if you are a little competitive while playing. Go out for a friendly game of basketball or badminton. You can also include your friends and still end up having a good time together.

If you don’t have the time or the energy for outdoor activities, perhaps a game of crosswords or Jenga would do the trick. If not, why not teach the other to play FIFA or other exciting video games that are trendy right now?

Read a Book Together

When was the last time you both reconnected on an intellectual level? If it has been that long, this might be your chance to bring up the fun and intellectual banter by reading a book together.

What’s more, you get to share your thoughts and ideas with each other and get to know each other a lot better in the process.

Cook Up a Meal Together

Food is always the answer to everything happy and filling.

So, instead of the usual dinner you have every night, try looking up a fancy recipe from the internet and work on it together. Buy those cute aprons and have a blast in the kitchen while chopping vegetables and adding spices to your dish. 

Do Chores Together

Things may start to seem very bleak, especially if you are having to do the same thing again and again every day.

While you have no control over the things that happen in an office space, you can surely do things to bring about positive changes in your home. Help out your significant other by doing the dishes with them. If he/she is doing the laundry, you take it upon yourself to vacuum the house.

This way, they will know that you appreciate what they do for the two of you, to make your lives a little bit better every day.

Appreciate/Write Thank You Notes

Sometimes we get so used to certain things in our life that we often forget to notice or appreciate them. This might make your partner feel unnoticed or unappreciated, causing them to lose interest in the relationship in the long run.

If this has been a problem in your case, make it a habit of writing thank you notes or just mentioning that you appreciated something they did at the dinner table. This will make them feel noticed and valued.

Write Letters/Emails

One good way of expressing your feelings is to write a letter or a nice email to your loved one. Yes, no one really writes letters or expresses their feelings via emails these days, but this could be an extremely sweet gesture if you think about it!

More so if you haven’t been able to be on the same page as each other recently. Talk about the things you appreciate about each other or just tell them you love them. This will make communications at home a lot easier and effortless.

Final Words

Did you notice how all of these ideas from the guide uses the word ‘Together’ a bit more than the other words? The reason behind this is that you will never be able to reconnect with your partner alone if he/she isn’t also up for it.

So, make sure to have many of these difficult conversations out in the open. Once they are out of the way, there’s room for actual growth. You can always go to couples therapy if the ideas above aren’t cutting it. But it doesn’t hurt to start somewhere, right?

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  1. I think you need to have a partner to do these lovely things
    It has been about 20 years since I did things like that. Since then it has been a sexual thing
    Also what you can not do and how old you are
    Also everyone else know what is going on in your life

  2. Picnic in the park I chairs a checkered blanket,cold sweet delicious fruit whatever he likes. A games that either makes us laugh or wager to win. Make a bet, winner ….looser!

  3. I’m already involved wit a married man and I love him so much not sure about him bt so far I feel that he is trying although he is a womanizer bt i have faith in him I never caught him bt i can see just help me on that one I can’t leave him I really care. love him so much thank u

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