Be Productive Even When You Don’t Have Anything to Do.

We all have those days when we don’t have anything to do. Especially with the global pandemic taking its toll on the working mass, it feels like we all have a lot of free time in our hands.

Sure, in the beginning, we were all very happy to get a much-needed time off. But the sensation wore out soon. And that’s we’re going to look at how to be productive when you’ve nothing to do.

This is a list of things that I do on the regular when I’m bored or feel like my life has no meaning. These activities have helped me keep my sanity intact over a long period. Without further ado, let’s jump right in.

Do Household Work

I know you do the dishes to help your mom or your partner out. But I’m talking about getting even more involved. Do the laundry every day instead of doing it once in a while. Get into cooking. Learn how to cut meat or vegetables and how to prepare them for cooking.

All of it will keep you busy as well as help you get a new perspective on life. The things we take for granted are often the results of someone else’s hard work. Utilize this free time to say thank you to life for how good it has treated you.

Plan for Working Days

Just as you have nothing to do right now, there are days when you’re packed with work. So much work that wished if you didn’t have to do all of it. We all go through the same process over and over. You’re not alone.

However, you can make up a plan to tackle your to-do list when you’re sitting idle. Instead of wondering about what to do, why not devise a strategy? Depending on what your line of work is, you can take help from friends to make the perfect plan for the busiest days. And the internet is always there to help you out.

If you were never a ‘routine’ person, this is a good time to start. We can all benefit from structuring our lives in a better way. If a proper routine can keep you organized for your busiest day, I say why not?

Make Tasks Up

If you don’t have any tasks at hand, make some up! You’re here to learn how to be productive when you’ve nothing to do, right? So, I’m telling you to make up some tasks. It can be anything. Let your imagination go wild.

It will keep you occupied with things as well as keep you prepared for busier days. Because you won’t let your skills or productivity rust by sitting idle.

An example of a task would be walking your dog. Or, washing your car. You do it anyways. But this time, you’ll consider it as a serious task and do everything in your power to meet the deadline. This process will build up your sensibility and prepare you for the worst scenarios.

Do Things that You Do Well

If you were a good guitar player in college, why not pick it up again? You were good at it, weren’t you?

Having things that you’re good at and love at the same time is a rare phenomenon. If you’re lucky enough to have one, you should definitely utilize it to learn how to be productive when you’ve nothing to do.

This activity will keep your morale high. And there’s nothing more important than keeping your confidence up during these trying times. So, when you’re done with reading this post, I want you to go and make a list of things that you’re good at. Depending on what’s available to you, start immediately.

Help People Out

When you look hard enough, you’ll always find people needing help with something. It might be a friend who needs help with moving. It might be your neighbour looking for a hand to clear out his garage. Helping people is one of the most amazing ways of learning how to be productive when you’ve nothing to do.

If you successfully help someone in need, the satisfaction you’ll get compares to nothing. It’s a weird sense of accomplishment that fulfils your soul. So, get out there and see if there’s someone near you who could use an extra hand.

Consume Content

Reading books is my primary way to consume content. If you’re not much of a reader, you can watch movies, documentaries, TV shows, or anything that you like in particular. You can try audiobooks as well.

I personally like reading because it takes my attention off of social media or any other device-related activities altogether. I like the feeling of sitting alone and reading my favourite crime thriller.

Consuming content is one of the finest ways to improve your vocabulary and overall area of knowledge. The reason I emphasize books is that books tend to use more flowery language. It has helped me tremendously over the years to improve my communication with people.

The same goes for movies or TV shows. You should definitely try this to learn how to be productive when you’ve nothing to do!

Don’t Get Stressed Over It

One of the most important things to keep in mind. Just because you don’t have anything to do doesn’t mean your life is meaningless. Everyone goes through ups and downs. It’s all about how you embrace it and push forward for a better future.

If you’re just sitting on your couch, relax. Don’t let other thoughts succumb you into darkness. There’s nothing wrong with just sitting down. Eliminate stress from life entirely and you’ll explore a new horizon of sensations that you never thought existed.

Final Words

From time to time, we all take breaks. Whether it’s voluntary or an outcome of any event, it’s completely normal. And now you’ve learned how to be productive when you’ve nothing to do. So, when you finally get back to your regular life, it’s going to be even more enjoyable.

Photo by Andreas Klassen on Unsplash

11 thoughts on “Be Productive Even When You Don’t Have Anything to Do.

  1. Thank you. I enjoy reading all this material and find this valuable information in managing my daily tasks.

  2. thanks, ….be productive. I always have things to do…..just sometimes, my mind is blank, ….what do we do….when all we want to do is eat. even after the work out and the extra walk around the block.

  3. Yes I agree with being productive. I do this to keep me happy and no time to dwell on problems. You can become depressed very quickly. Thank you for sharing

  4. I have always wanted to be able and pick my own vegetables in the garden. It would save me some money instead of buying them I thought and started to imagine just going out there and picking my own, just when I needed some greens on the plate, and in time something like this could grow into something bigger by learning more about gardening and making it one of my hobbies.. All these different thoughts going on in my mind about all the things we can learn about gardening, and it becoming a very useful healthy hobby in time. instead of wasting time wondering what to do, and feeling sorry for yourself. It can leave you feeling very excited to look out there and wonder why we didn’t think of this before.

  5. So true! I agree and have always believed it’s good to be “busy” even if watching a documentary. During covid I’ve became penpals with many people in U.S. and international. It’s a fun and interesting hobby. I highly recommend it to everyone!

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