How To Take Care Of Your Skin The Right Way.

Our skins are very delicate and need to be catered for properly. We use a variety of skincare products, but are they really that beneficial or are there other natural means by which we can take care of our skin?

While skincare products are quite helpful, they don’t solve all our skin problems. Some of the problems have to be dealt with ourselves by changing a few basic habits or taking necessary precautions. Hence, we came up with a list of guidelines for you to follow to have radiantly beautiful skin.

Avoid The Sun

Sunscreens may be helpful, but simply reducing your exposure to the sun is greatly beneficial too because the sun causes aging of the skin. This is prevalent in people with lighter skin.

Overexposure to the sun may even lead to developing skin cancer. Therefore, seek shades when you’re outdoors and also limit the time under the sun.

Also, wear caps when it’s too sunny outside. We tend to squint to see better, but all this does is create more lines and wrinkles. Carrying an extra head-gear shouldn’t be too difficult.

Use Silk Or Satin Covers

When we sleep, our skin comes into a lot of friction with the fabric. If the fabric isn’t gentle on the skin, it can cause wrinkles due to prolonged creases. Therefore, having silk or satin bed sheets and pillowcases are helpful as they are smooth and reduces friction. This is because, unlike in a rough texture, our skin tends to slip over the silky fabric. On a side note, this gentle fabric also prevents frizzy hair.  

Stay Hydrated

This is a must for anyone who wants to have clear skin. Hydration is crucial for healthy skin. Drinking doesn’t have a direct effect on your skin’s hydration though. It helps to regulate your body’s homeostasis and allows other organs to function effectively.  

Drinking water helps the liver to function properly and eliminate toxins. Also, as we all know, it aids in the functioning of the kidneys. This is essential since the failure of proper kidney function gives rise to dark circles being more prominent. Skin conditions such as eczema are also tackled by drinking plenty of water. 

So, what determines whether you have been drinking water adequately? The simple measuring tool is your pee. If your urine has a dark shade of amber, your water intake is low. A lime colour means you’ve been drinking enough water.

Say No To Sugar

Our diet usually has a delayed effect on our skin. So, it’s necessary to never slip on the restrictions we set for ourselves. Having a cheat day might be fun, but there are consequences.

We need to lessen the intake of added sugar and refined carbohydrates. Not only will a surplus of sugar spike up the insulin level, but it’s also harmful to our healthy skin. How is that related to your skin? Oil glands may go into overdrive because of the excess insulin in your body. These oil glands will create a breeding zone for acne.

Your acne production is also regulated by your diet. Therefore, it’s necessary to be concerned about what we put into our bodies. However, if sugar and refined carbs are too difficult for you to say no to, you can always rely on skincare products, although we highly advise you not to.

Stop Touching Your Face

How often do you pop a pimple? While it may seem like the go-to solution, squeezing the zit may cause you more harm than good. This is because of acne mechanica. Acne mechanica is a form of acne that is created by friction. When you touch the pimple and squeeze it, you might think you’re doing the right action, but instead, you are introducing more oil and bacteria into the pore. 

Moreover, that instant gratification move you pulled may leave a mark. These popped pimples leave scars or brown spots. Just by being patient and dealing with the enemy calmly, you save your skin from further damage. Don’t rush into things!

Lukewarm Water

Our skin releases oil called sebum. This wax-like oil is essential for our skin’s moisture. Using hot water causes the wax-like oil to melt. As a result, our skin gets stripped of the moisture it so desperately seeks. 

Lukewarm water is the best approach for cleaning as instead of melting the oil, the temperature warms it. This results in a proper cleanse as the oil isn’t stripped off completely. Massage your skin for about a minute for optimum cleansing.

Manage Stress

Stress and anxiety make our bodies release cortisol and constant stress results in the hormone going in overdrive. High levels of the hormone reduce our glow by weakening the skin’s capability of retaining moisture, and by overproducing oils.


Did you know that sweat is helpful for not just your body but your skin too? Rigorous activities pump blood throughout the body. Oxygen and nutrients are carried by the blood to all the cells. Hence, we usually glow after working out. This regulation of oxygen and nutrients also help to repair our skin. Also, exercise reduces stress and eventually lowers the level of cortisol in our body.

Avoid Cigarette Smoke

If you are a smoker, you have one more reason to quit smoking. Cigarettes not only affect your lungs but your skin as well. This goes for vapes too. Why? Because tobacco releases free radicals which affect the composure of skin cells. As a result, collagen and elastin break down. 

Smoking also constricts blood vessels. This means the volume of oxygen and nutrients reaching your cells are greatly depleted.

Exposure to the exhaled puff leads to developing blackheads, usually on the central face area. Eventually, aging, dehydration, and dark circles are resultants of this harmful effect. 


We all heard of beauty sleep. Now, it’s time for you to have yours. Sleeping helps the body to heal itself and regenerate the cells. It reduces stress, and thus the cortisol level. Your skin gets back its colour with proper sleep.

Furthermore, sound sleep also stimulates melatonin. This hormone fights fine lines and wrinkles, making you look young and plump. Sleeping also releases growth hormone which repairs damages to our skins.

Final Words

Simply by adjusting a few steps of our lives, we can ensure a healthier lifestyle. Having young-looking and beautiful skin is an accomplishment that most people can’t achieve. Now that you know how to, get that radiant skill you always hoped for!

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